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2019 – Truth and Love

The 11th Annual Corpus Christi Conference
Gothenburg, Sweden
22-26 July 2019

As we look forward to another exciting conference in northern Europe, where Corpus Christi first began, we ask for your prayers for the preparations ahead, for finding financial sponsors and for the conference itself and please spread the word about this year’s conference. More details to follow later this winter.

We hope to see you in Gothenburg!

Meet the Speaker

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller (Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado, USA)

Pastor Wolfmueller is author of all things Lutheran. Our speaker is very active in several Lutheran podcasts and has his own YouTube channel with – among other things – a weekly Bible study. He and his wife Keri live with their four children in Aurora, Colorado, USA, where he serves as pastor of Hope Lutheran Church. Having received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft Wayne, IN, he now travels the web and the world and we are happy to welcome him to Gothenburg, as well. Check out his blog (https://wolfmueller.co/) if you want to get to know him and his multifaceted work in advance.

More on the Plenary Sessions

The plenaries will develop from our theme verse Eph 4:15: “Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.” What does Paul teach in the Letter to the Ephesians about our love-filled truth-speaking? How does it contribute to our Christian maturity and to the life of the church? After this central texts of the Old and the New Testament will be covered and questions like the following will be treated: How does the devil set truth against love? How does the Lord remarry the two? In what way do the ten commandments shape true Christian love? What can we learn from martyrs who confessed their faith in the face of extreme suffering? All of this will lead us to looking at how truth and love are united in their most glorious expression – Christ on the cross.


L M Engströms Gymnasium, Vallgatan 11, 411 16 Gothenburg, Sweden (Some Events will have other Locations, See Conference Handbook)


Göteborgs Vandrarhem, Mölndalsvägen 23, 412 63 Gothenburg, Sweden

Come and Experience
  • Solid, biblical teaching by excellent international speakers
  • Rich, liturgical, Christ-centred worship
  • Fellowship with an international group of Lutheran young adults
  • The Gorgeous city of Gothenburg, with its unique architecture and cultural flare

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A Little Information About the Hostel
  • Linen, bedding, and towels are provided
  • Rooms are secured, but only a few rooms have lockers
  • Breakfast is from 7:00 – 10:00
  • There is public transportation near the hostel
  • Paid parking spaces are available at the hostel and nearby at Liseberg Parking, please let us know if you need a space when you register
  • Check-in: Monday from 2pm-8pm next to the reception desk at Göteborgs Vandrarhem. If you plan to arrive later, please let us know ASAP so we can send information via email.
  • Reception is only open during registration, however your key cards will work 24/7
  • The currency in the Sweden is the Swedish Krona, not the Euro.
  • Due to the fact that most rooms are 6-8 person, couples should be prepared to share a room with other individuals.
In-Depth Sessions

Harri Huovinen (Finland): Truth and Love in the Psalms

This In-depth is all about Law and Gospel in the Old Testament hymnal! We will look at different kinds of psalms and hear what the Lord teaches us about our sinfulness and about His grace and mercy. We will learn about the central role the psalms play in the Divine Service of the Old Testament and in ours today. Then there is Psalm 119 – the longest. It looks repetitive and boring, but we will see: God’s Law – the topic of Psalm 119 – is full of significance for our daily lives as Christians.

Daniel Brandt (Sweden): Truth and Love in the Writings of John

There are few writers in the Bible so engaged with the topic of Truth and of Love as the apostle John. In fact, the two are interwoven with each other and exist throughout all the writings of John as he reveals what Love is – not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins (1 Joh 4:10) – and leads us through the Word of the Truth, by the Spirit of Truth, to Christ the Truth, who testifies to the Truth, so that we may worship in Spirit and Truth.

Daniel Johansson (Sweden): Truth and Love in the Law and the Prophets

Jesus speaks of the Law and the Prophets as being fulfilled in Him and His saving work on the cross. Moses, the Lawgiver, and Elijah, the great prophet of the OT, stood by Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration and spoke of his Exodus, his death and resurrection (Luke 9:31). In what way is the love of God revealed in the Law? What is it about truth and the prophets that go so well together?

Eirik-Kornelius Garnes Lunde (Norway): Session for Theologians

How does truth and love shape a theologian’s and pastor’s vocation and ministry? In which ways should truth and love direct the life of the congregation and the church at all? What does the biblical concepts of truth and love mean for our pastoral care? This is what you get at the in-depth session for theologians.

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JULY 22TH – JULY 26TH, 2019