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2019 – Truth and Love

The 11th Annual Corpus Christi Conference
Gothenburg, Sweden
22-26 July 2019

Registration is closed and that means guests aren’t able to come to the main parts of the conference, however if you haven’t registered for the conference, we have two public events that we would like to welcome you to. The first one is Vespers at 8 o’clock Tuesday evening 23rd July. Our main speaker Bryan Wolfmueller will preach and we will enjoy some extra festive music. There will be time to meet and mingle with conference participants after the Vespers. Your second chance to partake in the conference without registering is the Divine Service which ends the conference on Friday 26th July at 10 o’clock.

Both events are at St. Paul’s Church (St. Pauli kyrka) Mintensgaten 5, Gothenburg.

We hope to see you there!

Meet the Speaker

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller (Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado, USA)

Pastor Wolfmueller is author of all things Lutheran. Our speaker is very active in several Lutheran podcasts and has his own YouTube channel with – among other things – a weekly Bible study. He and his wife Keri live with their four children in Aurora, Colorado, USA, where he serves as pastor of Hope Lutheran Church. Having received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft Wayne, IN, he now travels the web and the world and we are happy to welcome him to Gothenburg, as well. Check out his blog (https://wolfmueller.co/) if you want to get to know him and his multifaceted work in advance.

More on the Plenary Sessions

The plenaries will develop from our theme verse Eph 4:15: “Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.” What does Paul teach in the Letter to the Ephesians about our love-filled truth-speaking? How does it contribute to our Christian maturity and to the life of the church? After this central texts of the Old and the New Testament will be covered and questions like the following will be treated: How does the devil set truth against love? How does the Lord remarry the two? In what way do the ten commandments shape true Christian love? What can we learn from martyrs who confessed their faith in the face of extreme suffering? All of this will lead us to looking at how truth and love are united in their most glorious expression – Christ on the cross.


L M Engströms Gymnasium, Vallgatan 11, 411 16 Gothenburg, Sweden (Some Events will have other Locations, See Conference Handbook)


Göteborgs Vandrarhem, Mölndalsvägen 23, 412 63 Gothenburg, Sweden

Come and Experience
  • Solid, biblical teaching by excellent international speakers
  • Rich, liturgical, Christ-centred worship
  • Fellowship with an international group of Lutheran young adults
  • The Gorgeous city of Gothenburg, with its unique architecture and cultural flare

Stay in touch with Corpus Christi through our Facebook Page. Help our organization by becoming a member (annual fee of 10 Euro). Additional contributions are always welcome! Send us a message through our contact page or sign up at the conference to become a member.

A Little Information About the Conference
Check in: 
– Check-in at the conference is between 1 PM and 3:30 PM 22nd of July at the high school where many presentations will take place: L M Engströms Gymnasium, address: Vallgatan 11, 411 16 Göteborg. Please do your best to be there in due time to register. You will be given your name tag (which you will need to enter dining hall and other places at the conference) and conference booklet and maybe something extra special upon registration. 
– For those of you who are staying at the hostel check-in is between 2 PM and 8 PM 22nd of July. The name is Gothenburg Hostel (Göteborgs Vandrarhem), address: Mölndalsvägen 23, 412 63 Gothenburg
– If you know already now you won’t make it to the hostel in time we need information about this as soon as possible. If you will be delayed, please contact the hostel directly. 
Please note that check-in is only possible during the time given above. If there is a need to extend the registration at L M Engström we will do our best to help you but the employees at the Hostel will not be available after 8 PM.
Meal planning:
The conference is largely subsidised and the conference fee only covers a part of the actual cost per person. We pay for each meal and thus ask you to please let us know if there are meals you plan to not attend. This will help Corpus Christi save money. For instance you might not be a breakfast person or you will want to buy your lunch or dinner somewhere else. Will you arrive late or leave a day early? Please let us know what meals you will not having by emailing us no later than 7th July. 
Public transportation:
The conference is just days away and we want to make sure you know where to go when you come to Gothenburg. We recommend going first to the hostel. From the airport use a bus and get off at “Korsvägen”. Here is an online map that might be helpful for you to find the different locations of this year’s conference.
To plan your public transportation and buy tickets for buses or trams you can download the app Västtrafik To Go. You need a Swedish social security number in order to create an account but you can use the app to buy tickets electronically without registering. Tickets can also be bought in kiosks such as Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven. A standard ticket is valid for 90 minutes and costs SEK 28. A 24 hour ticket costs SEK 95 and a 72 hour ticket costs SEK 190. 10 SEK ~ 1 EUR.
What to bring:
– Bed linen and a towel are provided by the hostel. If you want to go for a swim or have something to sit on in a park please bring your own beach towel or blanket. 
– We love the sound of Bibles being opened, pages being turned and notes being made. We would like to encourage you to bring your own Bible and maybe even a notebook and pen. Also, if you have a Lutheran Service Book it is worth its weight in gold and will be used through the conference 🙂 
– A long lasting tradition in the world of Corpus Christi is the candy collection at the feast on Thursday evening. If you haven’t experienced this before, brace yourself to see more candy than you’ve maybe ever seen before! However, Corpus Christi doesn’t buy any candy; we kindly ask all participants to bring some of your favourite treats from your home country to the conference and share it with the rest of us. Another option is to buy something in Gothenburg. The word candy is loosely defined; it can even involve fruit, berries, soda and chips. Bring something you enjoy and we’re sure someone else will love to try it! 
– Are you a fan of board games? Frisbee? Morning runs? Bring what’s needed! 
– Please check the weather forecast upon arrival and dress accordingly. 
There are no free parking lots in the city centre of Gothenburg that we know of and the available parking space we can offer outside of the city is very limited. Parking in the city can be quite expensive, if you need our assistance for parking your car, please contact us as soon as possible. 
Please see the information about the excursion we invite you to after the conference. Please note it’s not an official part of the conference. 
Please pray for the conference: 
Please pray for the continued preparations ahead of the conference; for our speakers and attendants, for safe travels for everyone, for all practical matters to be solved and for our economical situation. There will be collections to support the continuous work of Corpus Christi during the Vespers on Tuesday evening and the Divine Service Friday morning and we hope you will consider supporting us financially to enable us to plan for more conferences in the future. 
Preliminary Schedule
In-Depth Sessions

Harri Huovinen (Finland): Truth and Love in the Psalms

This In-depth is all about Law and Gospel in the Old Testament hymnal! We will look at different kinds of psalms and hear what the Lord teaches us about our sinfulness and about His grace and mercy. We will learn about the central role the psalms play in the Divine Service of the Old Testament and in ours today. Then there is Psalm 119 – the longest. It looks repetitive and boring, but we will see: God’s Law – the topic of Psalm 119 – is full of significance for our daily lives as Christians.

Daniel Brandt (Sweden): Truth and Love in the Writings of John

There are few writers in the Bible so engaged with the topic of Truth and of Love as the apostle John. In fact, the two are interwoven with each other and exist throughout all the writings of John as he reveals what Love is – not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins (1 Joh 4:10) – and leads us through the Word of the Truth, by the Spirit of Truth, to Christ the Truth, who testifies to the Truth, so that we may worship in Spirit and Truth.

Daniel Johansson (Sweden): Truth and Love in the Law and the Prophets

Jesus speaks of the Law and the Prophets as being fulfilled in Him and His saving work on the cross. Moses, the Lawgiver, and Elijah, the great prophet of the OT, stood by Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration and spoke of his Exodus, his death and resurrection (Luke 9:31). In what way is the love of God revealed in the Law? What is it about truth and the prophets that go so well together?

Eirik-Kornelius Garnes Lunde (Norway): Session for Theologians

How does truth and love shape a theologian’s and pastor’s vocation and ministry? In which ways should truth and love direct the life of the congregation and the church at all? What does the biblical concepts of truth and love mean for our pastoral care? This is what you get at the in-depth session for theologians.

Discussion Groups

Persecution Today – Konstantin Subbotin

Are Christians being persecuted today? In what way? Does it happen only in Africa or in your context too? Is it possible to witness Christ without suffering and martyrdom? In this group we are going to discuss how Christian witness can be subjected to persecution today. Also you are encouraged to share your own opinion on what we can do about it.

The Belt of Truth – Jakob Appell

In Ephesians Paul says “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist” In this discussion group we will ask Pontius Pilate’s old question “What is truth?” and see if there can be any solid answers to this question – in our time of relativism, fake news, and doubts about objective truths. Interestingly, Jesus claims to be both the Truth and the one bearing witness to the Truth. What does this mean?

Spiritual Life Between the CC Conferences – Michael Wenz and Bryan Wolfmueller

The time at Corpus Christi is spiritually packed – services, Bible lectures, theology everywhere. But how do we stay spiritually nourished between the conferences? Let’s share thoughts about the following: What have I found helpful in my daily life? What challenges have I encountered? This will not be a competition of who’s the most spiritual, but rather telling, listening, learning from others. And the main speaker will have a special treat for us.

Reformation and Revolution? – Torbjörn Johansson

The Lutheran doctrine of the two kingdoms (or regiments) intends to express the Biblical thought that a Christian is a citizen of a heavenly kingdom and of an earthly nation at the same time (simul). What are the implications of this idea? What is a Lutheran view on politics, society and state?

Discussion Group for Women – Astrid Skollevoll

What is it like to be a woman in a sex-fixated society? What should Christian women be like, seen from the Bible? Which difficulties do women experience related to sexuality, and what is the difference between sexual sin and good sexuality? How can we handle sexual sin? In which way should Christian women relate to men?

Discussion Group for Men. – Samuli Siikavirta

What challenges do Christian men face today in church and in post-#metoo society? Has pornography become an incurable plague? What kinds of models does the Bible give to manhood? Are Christian men allowed to show weakness? Or have Christian men become too soft? How can you find your own vocation as a man? How should Christian men relate to women?

Homosexuality and Gender – Roberts Otomeres

Does God create homosexual people or do people become homosexual during their lifetime? What does the Bible says about homosexual people? How can we help homosexual people? What would you say to a person who comes to you and says he or she want to switch gender?

Rules and the Gospel – Samuel Erikson

Jordan B. Peterson is one of the most influential figures of today. He has helped a lot of young people to get a more meaningful life, but he has also caused a lot of controversy. Are his 12 rules for life helpful for a confessing christian, or should we be on our guard?

The Necessity and Challenges of Mission to the Jews – Sahar Sadlovsky

In this discussion we are going to talk about the mission to the Jewish people. The issue of Jewish evangelism is complicated and involved and therefore has a few challenges, particularly for Lutherans. We will address the view of people who think that Jews don’t need Jesus, so sharing the gospel with them is unnecessary. We will also discuss what the Bible says about Jews in relation to Jesus and their salvation.

Calling in life – Niclas Olsson

Anxiety – Daniel J. Schmidt

Registration is Closed

JULY 22TH – JULY 26TH, 2019